Employee Job Satisfaction Surveys

To grow your business, it’s vitally important that you retain your most valuable assets – your employees. Particularly those who possess both the passion and skills to succeed. While doing so, of course, you’ll also need to attract new talent. This is precisely why at Marc Brunel we place a great deal of emphasis on the importance of our employee satisfaction surveys. These have been carefully designed by the Weisschild Institute, and can deliver invaluable insights that will help your company retain your most valuable employees while making you look more attractive to new recruits.

In short, our employee satisfaction surveys will allow you to build a better relationship with your employees, and foster an atmosphere in which they feel valued and respected. It’s an important aspect of your business that shouldn’t be over looked. After all, turnover of staff presents companies like yours with something of a problem; not only will your company find itself with a position to fill, but you will be losing a team player who will have built up their expertise and knowledge over a period of time and will have become familiar with your company’s processes and working methods, which, in a competitive industry, may be highly sensitive information. So if you can be proactive and learn in advance how to build loyalty among your work force, you have much to gain.

As a result of conducting these surveys, you will be able to establish the key benefits that your work force values; discover precisely what your employees like about working for your company; gauge feedback from employees on new business ideas and policies before implementing them; and learn in advance what changes your employees would like to make to their working environment. You may, for instance, be able to determine how your employees feel about extra training, and which specific areas of training interests them. Once you know this information, you can act on it and reap the rewards.


Used Marc Brunel to source Vehicle Restoration staff. As we require Skilled Professionals who have manufacture experience to ensure they are used to working with set procedures as well as having the attention to detail required to carry out the full nut and bolt restoration projects on our classic cars. On top of this somebody with knowledge of race car suspension set up for our track/ race car preparation. This we thought would be a tough task but these guys managed to find somebody to tick all the boxes. They understood our requirements and delivered!
Marc Brunel did an excellent job in finding me and then giving me the opportunity in furthering my motorsport career, the communication was first class from start to finish.
The company was outstanding. No areas for improvement, a pleasure to do business with and many thanks for helping me get one of the best jobs joining a new team in the automotive industry.

Keith Davis
(Technical Manager)

R Nathan

A Chandra

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