Marc Brunel, the specialist boutique recruitment agency catering for the motorsport engineering sector, and EnduranceandGT.co.uk, the fast-growing on-line magazine for enthusiasts of sports car racing, has announced a strategic partnership. The partnership is the UK’s first between a media outlet and a recruitment business in the motorsport space.

The objective of the partnership is to use the extensive commercial networks of both businesses to open up new opportunities for candidates looking to develop their careers within motorsport and provide additional channels for the gathering and distribution of sports car-related news content.

Marc Brunel was formed in 2017 by Akash Cheeda. With significant hands-on experience within UK motor racing, Akash saw an opportunity to help candidates at all stages of their careers to find new, exciting opportunities within the rapidly evolving motorsport industry.

EnduranceandGT.co.uk was founded in 2017 by life-long motorsport enthusiast Andy Lloyd. Sports car racing has been Andy’s passion since the 1990s and he now uses his vast knowledge of the sport to provide unique content to the site’s global readership.

The introduction of Marc Brunel and EnduranceandGT.co.uk was facilitated through Student Motorsport, the online motorsport community for young people, students, graduates, educators, professionals and organisation, founded by J P Latham.

Akash Cheeda, the principal of Marc Brunel, explained how the partnership will benefit both businesses.

“Both Andy and I share a passion for motorsport. We are both ambitious, driven individuals who can see increased opportunities for both our businesses by sharing our networks, contacts and enthusiasm. Sportscar racing is becoming an increasingly popular career choice for drivers, technicians and team managers and I am looking forward to developing our commercial relationship, both in the UK and further afield, throughout the remainder of this season and into 2018. ”

Andy Lloyd, editor of EnduranceandGT.co.uk is looking forward to the opportunities that the new partnership will offer.

“When I first met Akash, I could see that we both shared a drive and a restlessness to develop our respective enterprises within the sport we are passionate about. With our growing commercial networks, we believe that opportunities will arise for both our businesses that would not exist were we not to work closely together.”

Andy Lloyd, the editor of www.EnduranceandGT.co.uk, can be reached at EnduranceandGT@gmail.com and at (0044) 7960 412461. www.EnduranceandGT.co.uk