Marc Brunel

Marc Brunel, known as an iconic engineer and inventor from the 19th century, solved the historic problem of underwater tunnelling. In 1796, Brunel was appointed Chief Engineer of the city of New York which saw a prolific rise of his designs through various houses, docks, commercial buildings, an arsenal and a cannon factory. Brunel was a talented mechanical engineer, and did much to develop sawmill machinery, undertaking contracts for the Government.

Taking inspiration from his legacy at Marc Brunel recruitment agency, we source talented engineering professionals, with an existing or with the interest in developing an expertise in the automotive field.

Founded in 2016, Marc Brunel came naturally in order to fill the gap in the vintage motoring recruitment business for delivering quality service and quality candidates to the motorcycle, historic motorsports and classic car restoration companies. Our partnerships in the industry allow us to deliver pre-assessed promising newcomers with high potential talents to highly experienced candidates. Additionally, we are dedicated to offering flexibility by answering your needs from temporary to permanent roles as well as project base positions.

Our Mission

Our boutique recruitment agency missions come down to the following four factors:

  • Providing personalised and quality service
  • Investing in new talents through apprenticeship programs
  • Supporting better work environment by surveying employee satisfaction
  • Screening for qualified candidates, from fresh starters to highly experienced ones

Our core values

We believe that upcoming students are tomorrow’s best performance engineers. That is why we choose to support and invest in new talents by helping them in accessing the market through their first positions.

Partnering with “Marc Brunel” ensures providing quality candidates in a timely manner. Through apprenticeship programs, supporting programs and retention programs, we provide highly qualified candidates looking for top employers. We believe better work environment attracts and retains the best talents.

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